RAAF Base Amberley

Hello world,

A situation has come to my attention which has now has forced me to change how I was creating and building the new Amberley scenery.

It has been told to me that the new Prepar3d version 4.5 has different height elevation data included and this hence will change Amberley in several ways.

Previously I used flattens for various areas and height never changed even when add-on elevation data was included or switched off , Amberley wasn’t going to using flattens at all and all the models were being made attached to the elevated ground. This apparently won’t work in P3D 4.5, and for this reason I have now cancelled the Amberley project until I can update my Professional plus version to version 4.5 or later.

Traffic files and Aircraft Prepar3d V4 RAAF Pearce

Howdy all,

It has been brought to my attention that within v4 of P3D aircraft don’t show at Pearce, I have thus created some traffic files to rectify this.

If you look online you will find some nice native aircraft created by John Young and Iris for free download.

The aircraft traffic files I have made are for the following aircraft

737 P8 Poseidon, 737 Wedgetail, LM F-35, and Iris PC-9A

Just click the description to download that aircraft and flight plans

John Young Boeing P8 Poseidon
Pilatus Iris PC-9A Australian Colours
John Young Lockheed Martin F-35

RAAF Base Gin gin

A stones throw away from RAAF Pearce in WA!

I created this scenery as a side project before I got to committed to Amberley, it will require some files from Williamtown, Richmond and Pearce to fully show, Enjoy.

RAAF Base Richmond

RAAF Base Richmond

That time has come and gone and RAAF Base Richmond is finally finished after 14 long months of sleepless nights, this scenery is now complete and uploaded here for you all to have.

I have also redesigned the installer so the end user can install this scenery in any directory and any hard drive with an uninstaller included.

Much work has gone into this project and I can still see things I want to add here and their, maybe later I will build a smaller update.

I hope you all enjoy this scenery as much as I have creating it.

Welcome to my Website!

Welcome to my Website!

After a few years thinking about designing a website, I decided to just do it!

On these pages you will see what I am working on, images of airports; either under construction or released.

Current projects, and images of same and downloadable content.

On the downloads page you’ll find all my airports that have been released and a few images of what you can expect once installed.

Anyhow have a look around, I’m sure you’ll find something of interest.