Closing Down

Hello friends, it’s a sad day today as I can no longer afford to continue with this website.

I would like to thank all those people who have helped me out over the years in getting this site going.

I would like to especially thank these people personally.

Mark Griggs

For your continual support and help in all aspects of Flight Sim Design studio environment, without your help I couldn’t have created any scenery at all.

Anthony Lynch

I don’t think there is anyone as qualified as you when it comes to Scenery Design, you have created what only experts can do, and your knowledge slightly rubbed off on me.

Beta Testers

Brian Baxter, 2019

Scott Thames, 2017-2018

Jeff Shepley, 2016-2017

John Tennant, 2015

Without beta testers none of my scenery would have ever have been created!

Beta testing isn’t easy as one might expect, you get a product, install it and test everything that product has and report back for the improvements to be made, this is not a simple task and without these people like these no products would hit the shelves, I thank you all for your continual support and input over the years.

As you all know by now, Microsoft is releasing a new Azure run, Flight Simulator called “Microsoft Flight Simulator” I have been chosen as one of the Alpha/Beta testers for this new sim. Because of my involvement in this project I have decided to set aside all development on FSX and P3D and concentrate only on this until it’s release in 2020.

My scenery that was on this website is still available from me directly via OneDrive, or alternatively search for flightsimdev on YouTube and you should find the links there.

Thank you all for your support


Lawrence Nichols (