Although Covid19 has been tough on all of us, chin up it can only get better from here, we have good vaccines now to help ease the pain, I have been in lock-down now close to a week, (July 2021) so I decided to update this page and let you all know what I have been up to.

Not much really! I am still waiting to update Amberley airport, the photo-real has not updated for awhile now, and I am getting frustrated because most of the new models have been made for this airport and I’m just waiting on the ground textures to improve.

In the Images section (NEW) you will see some of the work I have done and other airports I have tinkered with in the last few months, I have also added an Editors page for those hard to get programs.

Sadly Canberra airport isn’t going to happen, Yes I know you thought it was possible, but without being able to just jump on an aircraft and go their to take pictures has made this virtually impossible, and because of Covid I won’t be getting on a plane anytime soon.

Anyhow be safe where ever you are in the world! Wash your hands if you go out! Have some disinfectant in your pocket! Wear a mask to protect yourselves!

Lets beat this terrible disease and hopefully in a year or two things will somewhat go back to normal and we can all enjoy our hobby in peace.

If you need to contact me please use this form below, please only use for suggestions or help with previous versions of my airports.

Contact via form below

I would like to especially thank these people personally for there help over the years with my scenery.

Mark Griggs

For your continual support and help in all aspects of Flight Sim Design studio environment, without your help I couldn’t have created any scenery at all.

Anthony Lynch

I don’t think there is anyone as qualified as you when it comes to Scenery Design, you have created what only experts can do, and your knowledge slightly rubbed off on me.

Beta Testers

Brian Baxter, 2019

Scott Thames, 2017-2018

Jeff Shepley, 2016-2017

John Tennant, 2015

Without beta testers none of my scenery would have ever have been created!

Thank you all for your support



Amberley FSX / P3D

Just thought I would write an update on the Amberley Air force base and other news.

Amberley is now actively in production, as the models have now been completed or converted, the photo realistic ground textures sourced, I have now started the work involved in making this scenery the way it should have been done years ago.

Amberley will be my last project for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin’s P3D as I have now moved forward within the Microsoft Flight Simulator environment. I will still be tinkering with the above two sims and patching any faults emailed to me, but no more airports will be made for these sims as they’re rather old now.

Of course things may change later if I get enough people asking for other airports for those two sim, but for now I will be concentrating my efforts on.

  1. How to convert all of my scenery to MS2020
  2. Learning how to make new airports in MS2020

Going from Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 back in 2010 to Microsoft Flight Simulator 10 was pretty easy, same for P3D but it’s a much larger jump to MS2020 and I am now studying the SDK like a mad man to bring myself up to speed.

This pandemic has thrown a huge spanner in how I made airports in the past, now that we can travel again I’m sure I can produce something you would like in 2022, Amberley for sure!

Canberra I have always wanted to do! because I have also spent a great deal of time reproducing the model of the new terminal and all the new buildings around it (about 6 months roughly), maybe I can work with the Orbx Canberra and just change that into the new layout if allowed, it would save me a few months as that is the only good scenery out their that is close to what it is now apart from the actual terminal up ramps etc.

Anyhow this is it for now

Have a very Merry Christmas and fantastic New year