All the editors you will need for developing airports within the FSX, FSXse, P3D and FS2020 environment.

Ortho4XP 1.30

This is a must have program for getting those hard to find ground textures, it’s a little harder to use, was designed for X-Plane and modified to be used for FSX, can also be used for FS2020.

F.S.D.S 3.5.1.

Flight Sim Design Studio by Abacus the company went out of business a few years ago now and you can no longer download this fantastic software, Click the image and you can download it from me, I don’t have a serial number for it but I’m sure that won’t stop you from trying it or using it.

Image Converters

We all have them, but there are just a few I use daily, I have the mainstream programs everyone uses, but most of them just either add artifacts to your images (you know the ones) or just don’t scale them in the right format having to be square or just fail to do the job.

I use only 2 programs for changing from BMP to DDS, One I wrote myself link below, and one you can convert any format to any format in bulk.


This is the other image converter, you won’t be downloading it from me as this is the last image converter you will ever use. I use this for any and all images on my system, it is very quick, can convert bulk BMP in any size, shape etc format to DDS DXT5, and best of all it’s free.