COPYRIGHT (C) 2018-2019 Lawrence Nichols, AUSTRALIA, All rights reserved

Lawrence Nichols Scenery, or parts thereof, hereafter called “software” or “scenery”, is covered by copyright held by Lawrence Nichols, as association as well as by the respective beta team members and other contributors, as well as third parties, for parts or files which are used in the software. This scenery may only be used by “Flight Simulator Owners”, and may be distributed via a network, and/or distributed on media for free under the strict condition that it is distributed as a whole and unaltered. The package may not be offered for sale in any shape or form, for commercial purposes, personal or financial gain of any third party, this includes ads on a website which charges a fee. unless otherwise specified.

This means that only complete packages may be distributed as a whole, which includes all documentation and other material which is covered by this copyright. The scenery may not be distributed as part of compilation DVD’s or Blu-ray disks, or published as part of a magazine, or in any other form without prior written permission of Lawrence Nichols.

Furthermore, the scenery or parts thereof, may not be included in another publication or scenery product, partially or as a whole, in any shape or form, description or medium, without prior written permission. The scenery may not be re-engineered or adapted, regardless of the purpose and for redistribution in any shape or form.


Permission to (re)distribute this Flight Simulator add-on, will only be given to bona fide organisations who are already active in the flight Simulator sector. When this software is found on CD/DVD’s or other media, or found on other websites other than those approved, Lawrence Nichols preserves the right to undertake legal action, which may include damages, under ruling national or international law.

Permission to redistribute can not be assumed by absence of objection, but is given explicitly and per person or organisation. Application for permission is the sole responsibility of the applicant. Silence by the author is not acceptance of this agreement.


When the software is used during real time demonstrations using Flight Simulator/s, during events or club gatherings, no permission is needed, and mentioning Lawrence Nichols as source is not mandatory.

When the images generated by the software is part of a film or video, used at events or club gatherings or other non-commercial shows, Lawrence Nichols should be mentioned in the credit roll, or mentioned separately if not possible.

When the images generated by the software is part of a film or video, created for commercial purposes, prior written permission of Lawrence Nichols is mandatory, and a fee may be charged for this use

The software may not be used, adapted or emulated in another software program other than Microsoft Flight Simulator X, or later versions of the same, including Prepar3D, and FSX-SE


This software is FREEWARE, which means that no payment is required for its use and no payment may be demanded for its use. However, this does not mean that it is “free of rights or copyright”. In the past, irresponsible individuals have used the term FREEWARE as a synonym for “free of rights” and have used third party freeware components in commercial products or have claimed ownership of designs created by others. This is Unlawful and punishable by international copyright laws.


Lawrence Nichols does not guarantee this scenery regarding fitness for purpose, accuracy or completeness of this package. The software is used completely at the users own risk. The software may only be used for recreational purposes on a personal computer platform. It is not to be used as part of flight preparation, flight analysis, simulation of real flights for pilots that participate in any form of aviation in Australia or anywhere else. Lawrence Nichols expressly denies any responsibility for absence, or presence, correct placement, dimensions, projection, distance, color, ratio, substance, surface, actual operational state, or any other aspect or property of any object, including but not limited to runways, parking bays, buildings, hangars, beacons, towers, lines, lights, trees, faces, signals, frequencies, regulations, aviation laws, local rules, in the software with relation to it’s counterpart in the real world.

Australian law applies and copyright infringements will be brought before Australian courts.