About Me

Howdy Folks!!

My name is Lawrence

I got into flight scenery development back in 2008 by complete accident, I met a person on a forum called Mark Griggs who was currently active in the flight simulator community, “Something I wanted to get into” after much talk we decided to work on a couple of projects (RAAF Base Williamtown and Brisbane International Airport) and a few smaller airports, with minor updates, and we built up quite a good relationship.

We made some amazing airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 back in the day.

I had the expertise in making photo realistic ground textures and placing our custom models in their right Geographical locations, adding vegetation, doing transparency’s and any image manipulations needed within Adobe Photoshop, while Mark was the expert at making the actual models of the buildings using flight sim design studio all while sourcing the images used on those said models.

Come early 2009 another gentleman by the name Anthony Lynch came on board and we created RAAF Base East Sale and Point Cook, we did scenery development together for about 18 months on and off.

Back then, around 2010, my health wasn’t the best due to cancer, and I was finding it all to intense and for many reasons not just including health I decided to leave the flight simulation development world and had a break away from all scenery design.

In late 2013 my Brother asked “why aren’t you developing airports anymore”?

Being unemployed at the time didn’t help, plus I knew I would have to learn it all over again and I saw that too challenging. I knew nothing about CAD work! those things were done for me in the past, and I did what I called the simple things. Anyhow I started researching what was needed to get back into the development world within the flight simulator X environment, as I felt something was missing in my life and I needed a change direction.

After about a year, I recreated the earlier version of RAAF Base Williamtown we did in 2009 for Flight Simulator 2004(FS9), and made it compatible with the new Flight Simulator X (FSX) and later that year a smaller update for the newer simulator released by Lockheed Martin called Prepare3D.

RAAF Base Williamtown for FSX was my very first project without any outside help, Yes I had the textures, and the original models made by Mark Griggs, many of those were completely re-made, cleaned up and I added extremely high resolution photo real that didn’t need the overlaying afcad for the lines, Many of the models were Microsoft service pack defaults from the FS9 version and I replaced these models with more accurate FSDS creations which I made myself.

RAAF Base Williamtown Version 2 is the end result, only two websites are approved to have the file available for download, you will find it here on my site and on the approved website flightsim I wouldn’t download it from any other site.

As I started learning how to make models using Flight Sim Design Studio (FSDS), my proficiency  improved in leaps and bounds, now I can thankfully say the FSDS program doesn’t bother me as much as it once did, and model making is becoming rather easy.

I succeeded in creating very basic models at first, and moved onto more complex models as time went by. I feel now confident in creating very accurate models and making true to life textures, while keeping everything in a low poly count format to improve frame rates within the Flight Simulator.

Now we are in 2018, I still develop scenery although slowly due to work, and I really love it!

The knowledge I have gained in a little research, reading many forums, going to places like Twitter and Facebook, and watching dozens of video’s on YouTube made a huge difference in the way I develop flight simulator scenery.

I now believe in myself! I am competent in FSDS work within the FSX and P3D environment I have even taught myself how to create simple animation. This and many other attributes made me into a better developer.

My current project is “RAAF Base Richmond, NSW” and I have dedicated 2017/18 just for this project which is still some time away from completion.

Once the Richmond project has been released, I plan on starting on a complete remake of RAAF Base Amberley in Queensland, and this should be completed by 2019.

On this website are some of my creations, They’re free to download.